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Secret wedding to Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney?

Secret wedding to Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

While Hollywood star George Clooney has taken his Amal right media attention for his wife, another prominent dream couple has now reportedly married secretly. Have Lady GaGa and actor Taylor Kinney actually given after three years relationship vows and no one has it mitgekriegt?

After the mother of Mother Monster in July a special trip to Toronto, where Lady GaGa at the time was staying tour technically, was flown to do with her famous daughter a bridal shop unsure, the rumor mill was boiling already! The singer soothed the masses then, however, by pointing to their unusual fashion sense.

But now sparkles a ring on the finger of her lover who cares for conversation. On the piece of jewelry calculated Taylor's "Chicago Fire" was co-star Sophia Bush, which, posted a photo on Instagram, showing her and her colleagues in a friendly hug to a press event. On his hand a conspicuous ring ... "This is a private ring. Not for the show. Calm yourselves all times. Severide and Lindsay are not married," Sophia wrote to her fans any suspicions regarding the relationship of its two series characters in the bud to suffocate. Had they not done that again, because now all the world asks: Does this "private" ring around the wedding vows with Lady GaGa

If so, then the pair already leads the press for a while by the nose? because Taylor carries at least a similar jewelry since at least 2012 on the finger, as senior photo prove. When GaGa has incidentally still spotted no suspicious ring, maybe even her unusual fashion taste but yes attributed ...

 wedding to Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney