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Sexy Duo! What plan Kim Kardashian and Cara?

Sexy Duo! What plan Kim Kardashian and Cara

Together with her family rocking Kim Kardashian for several days, the fashion capital Paris. There, the TV star pursued apparently not only aim to be photographed every day in another unbeatable designer outfit and her sister Kendall Jenner of the front row of support - No, now Kim started with a private secret project Cara Delevingne!

Great events cast their shadows handsome! Kim knows how to keep his fans on their toes, because that mysterious photo that they are now posted on Instagram, arouses curiosity in any case. Then Kim and Cara can be seen, both with wet hair and black tank tops. The fashionable glamor model and the Queen standing side by side and look extremely sexy. The wet hair fall both in the face and you wonder what the ladies have concocted together. Because Kim knew the image with the following cryptic comment: ". Secret project" Whether this is indeed a hot photo shoot? After all, the picture was shared on the profile of Love Magazine, a pretty treacherous Note ... but who knows.

It Girl Cara and reality star Kim are definitely an interesting link, it will be interesting when the secret is finally revealed and more Wet-Hair-Pics arise.