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She is thoroughly Model: Alessandra Ambrosio inclined to shop around top styled

Many stars have indeed like to hang out the "Normalo" when shopping and usually go without makeup and more casual in the supermarket. Not so Super Model Alessandra Ambrosio! The fact is styled to toe even in a shopping stroll of the head.

It is not the first time that we have spotted Alessandra well dressed while shopping. The model specifies apparently great importance to their look and a neat appearance, so it never came into question for them to let their inner model times at home. Because also beyond the catwalk Alessandra their excellent fashion taste to the test and is becoming top styled. Especially she was spotted at a small shopping trip in Los Angeles. She wore a light, pink summer dress and emphasized her tiny waist with a white belt, fits to she wore stylish white strappy sandals. The look she rounded off with her pink-mirrored aviator sunglasses.

That she's really always styled shopping, proves a photo that was shot the day before from her. Then you can see Alessandra in the usual fashionable look while shopping in Los Angeles. She combined her white shorts with an ink-blue blouse and her white sandals.

In its styling you know each other now, but what do you remember about the supermodel?