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Sofia Vergara: Is there still something with Ex Nick Loeb?

After a stormy relationship and two-year engagement was in May of this year suddenly circuit between Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb. The actress has comforted quickly and is dating since July hot Joe Manganiello. But perhaps the Love Off with her ex but not quite as final as intended ...

Sofia and Nick were spotted together now just in New York City. The actor was there, according to OK! some interview appointments and also happens to be the business man was just in the city. A meeting between the two was observed, they walked through the streets and are said to have entertained so stimulated. Very happy and jolly it is to be received between Sofia and Nick. And that allows two conclusions: either they have not only formally, but actually separated in good and mutual consent. Or the ex-lover can not forget themselves and their relationship four years and perhaps can look forward to a Love Revival of the beautiful and the rich shortly.