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Still not pregnant! Jennifer Garner: "Yes, I have a baby ball"

The news that Jennifer Garner for the fourth time to be pregnant, spread rapidly. But just as quickly followed also the clear denial of the actress. In the show of Ellen DeGeneres, the mother of Violet (8), Seraphina (5) and Samuel (2) has now once again commented on these rumors and made a very funny confession.

"I is constantly being congratulated for the fourth baby and the people come to me and say, 'I heard you're pregnant again!' Obviously I have a really small baby belly and I have to say today: It's true But stop:., I'm not pregnant, I just have a small baby-ball, but I have three children So ladies, get used to it, I will now always have a little belly. His name is Violet, Sam, Sera, "joked Jennifer. At the same time they also announced that Ben Affleck and they plan no further baby

"I know that you will wish that I still bring a child into the world, but let's face it:.. This is really exhausting! "Jen joked on.