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Sweet News for Jennifer Aniston: Junior in the house

Sweet News for Jennifer Aniston_ Junior in the house

When it comes to baby-News Jennifer Aniston practiced in the past like no other in secrecy. But a baby bomb is now actually burst: There are junior in home Aniston! However, in this case, not of Jennifer than expectant mother's speech, but by her half-brother AJ Aniston as werdendem father.

Since the 25-year-old half-sister of his is probably a step ahead. He has not only married to her, as he his sweetheart, tattoo model and make-up artist Adriane Hallek end of January was the knot, but must also first proclaim the good news of the first child. And also the grandmother of his wife seems to be of very fast variety. So they chatted happily over Radar Online: "It is a big baby, you get a little boy.."

The proud great-grandmother-in-law visited her granddaughter last weekend, AJ and Jennifer did not hit there. However, she believes that Jen very excited if the tidings of her half-brother was also: "I am sure that he has told her he is very excited.."