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Sylvie Meis can explode bomb: you are forgiven!

Sylvie Meis can explode bomb_ you are forgiven!

Actually, it was only a matter of time until the handsome and successful Sylvie Meis finds a new man. Finally, the values ​​are masters at the blonde snake. And while a new love luck was initially denied, it has a now managed to win the heart of the beautiful presenter.

The new man at Sylvie's hand, it should be a New York businessman. "I will no longer beat around the bush. It is true that the man is my new friend. I'm in love, and this man makes me very happy," makes the model against InTouch bombshell. But Sylvie has learned lately that it is obviously better for them to keep details of her love life better for himself: "I have realized in the past year and a half, that it is not always wise to respond to everything." Intimate information thus affect not only themselves but also their relationship.

But more the Let's Dance presenter must also not tell, because the glitter in her eyes speaks volumes long. Nice that Sylvie can so great shine again.