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Terrible announcement: Stephen Collins: the reverend Camden's '7 at home' confesses to be pedophile...

It is a terrible announced that has been unveiled by the TMZ website. In fact the actor Stephen Collins series seven at home has confessed to be pedophile...

Revelation shock for an entire generation!

Remember the series seven at home that chronicled the life of a large family whose father was reverend. A charming family portrait outlining over episodes daily problems of life. But behind the character reverend warm and humble √Čric Camden was hiding a terrible secret...

It via the secret recording of a session of marital therapy between Stephen Collins and his ex-wife Faye Grant as the new fell. Recorded in 2012, the former wife of the actor just sent listening to the TMZ site that leaked the info a few minutes ago. Its primary goal? Finally get the divorce.

It means the confessions of the actor and his wife, shocked reaction. Stephen Collins, that there are one vote shy and embarrassed, confess to having abused to a 11 year old girl who was part of the family of his former wife Marjorie Weinman. The man explains that the Act has happened on several occasions. "There is a moment where I touched his hand, I put her hand on my penis". Means distinctly Faye holding crack when she asks him if he had fun and had an erection, to which he replied "no, I mean, not." Partial, perhaps, I think."

Since the release of the soundtrack police forces have supported the case for "sexual contacts inappropriate with minors" and three victims have already been identified including a girl neighbour of the couple when they lived in Los Angeles.

Neither the actor nor Faye Grant is expressed on his terrible revelations which have shocked the whole Hollywood and much more.

Moreover, impossible to not think about the small Mackenzie Rosman who embodied Rosie (the daughter of the reverend), which began the series at the age of 7 years.