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The adopted son of Tatyana Ovsienko found out that he is not native in the family

The adopted son of Tatyana Ovsienko

18-year-old son of Tatyana Ovsienko and her ex-husband, Vladimir Dubovickogo, Igor accidentally entered the family secret. It almost led to conflict.

The son of singer Tatyana Ovsienko, Igor, which she took from an orphanage in 1999 year, learned that he is not native in the family. How it happened, she told the publication of "secrets of the stars". It turned out that the truth he told his adopted father and ex-husband Ovsienko, producer Vladimir Du

bovitski. Now he is in a new marriage, and the truth about the origin of the Igor opened at the insistence of the young wife. That Igor now knows about his detdomovskom the past, Tatyana Ovsienko realized immediately. The guy is now studying in the United States, and with my mother calls up infrequently. Singer alerted dry tone of conversations and frequent reluctance to engage in a detailed discussion of any problems. And soon her ex-husband admitted he spoke to Igor on adoption. Ovsienko, however, has tried to soften the blow, and on his return to Russia son Frank had talked with him, and then came the understanding between them.

Incomprehensible, however, remains the point, why Igor still did not know that Tatiana is not his own mother, because information on adoption Ovsienko never concealed, and a story told many times in the press and on television, this information also is available online. Igor she saw during a charity event in an orphanage in Penza, learned that the boy's heart disease and wanted to help, and then took her into his family. A second adopter and was Vladimir Dubovickiy, the husband of the artist.

It should be reminded that Tatiana is preparing for a new marriage. Her vote was businessman Alexander Merkulov. The offer was made quite some time ago, but celebration had to be postponed: the fact of the matter is that 3.5 year spent in Merkulov JAIL awaiting trial. All this time Tatiana morally supported a loved one, wrote letters, was passing by and also gave 20 concerts a month to cash in on the lawyers. In early June, Alexander acquitted. 47-year-old singer met him at the courthouse. And now there was nothing to prevent the lovers marry. The wedding is tentatively scheduled for the fall.