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The first child with Felicity| The Showmaster Stanley Tucci is Papa!

The first child with Felicity "Hunger Games" -Showmaster Stanley Tucci is Papa!

All fans of the Hunger Games Strip can be sometimes a little bit sweeten with small appetizers, the waiting time for the latest film in the series yet, until finally Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and the rest of the cast on the screen can see struggling and suffering. One who also could not be missed in the previous films, namely Stanley Tucci, now looks forward not only to the theatrical release of the latest work - it is still a much bigger event before! The 53-year-old Hollywood star is in fact another time dad!

It will be the first child that he is welcome along with the sister of Emily Blunt, his wife Felicity, on earth. Compared with Us Weekly the expectant father confirmed the news already with the words: "I am absolutely delighted, it is incredibly Most, I am pleased with Felicity to have a baby and I hope it is born healthy!.." The sex games for him by the way do not matter when it comes to what kind of mother will be his sweetheart, he just lies down rather firmly! "You will be great!" In August 2012, the couple had ventured before the altar, six years earlier they had met for the first time. Stanley already has three children, Felicity, it will be the first offspring.