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Tila Tequila baby bump show: Too risky or okay?

TV starlet shows his growing belly that suggests clear

Tila Tequila is pregnant and also on her birthday that everyone can see. Only wrapped in a light Stöffchen or equal in all its glory under the bikini top, the TV starlet shows his growing belly that suggests clear: Here is a woman about to give birth. But that's okay, that someone puts his baby ball so prominently on display, also in sexy outfit?

Because in Hollywood are currently verily so many women on the go that their great treasure under the heart rather classical and well wrapped present. The best example of the last days is certainly Actress Blake Lively, although certainly emphasizes her curves, but this is not so lascivious in scene sets far as Tila. On the other hand, this is probably also expressed that the 33-year-old feel completely comfortable with her body in different circumstances, although they now again dreams about her old figure.

But what do you think for this. Is Tila baby bump -Look as it is, all right - but much too daring or? Do your opinion quite simple at this point known!