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Total transformation: Allow, WOMAN Bruce Jenner

Total transformation_ Allow, WOMAN Bruce Jenner

As a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, a regular place in the headlines is sure that even Bruce Jenner discovered in recent years one. As the reports were not enough, about his divorce from Kris ensures that for months with his eye-catching appearance of speculation. Because the experienced observer couldn't help but notice that the former top athletes in terms of Optics is always female. Also the latest pictures of Bruce underline this impression.

Actually has No more A lot with the still husband of Kris Jenner common man on these images. Bruce can definitely No more deny various cosmetic surgery, but in combination with his long hair, he looks more and more as the Bridgitte from, to which he wants to be allegedly. The earrings he wears, do the rest. After he was spotted last even with a bra, Bruce can now probably really No more credibly deny that To want to be a woman. So far he has not expressed however about the persistent rumors. Must he not, probably also because images in this case really speak volumes.