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Touching gesture: Steve-O visited Ryan Dunn Tomb

Steve-O visited Ryan Dunn Tomb

With their show Jackass split Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville and Co. not only the opinions of the world's TV viewers, but also moved often at the limit of legality. No stunt could be dangerous enough, no attempt to sensational. From another side we learned Steve-O and his colleagues then but know when Ryan Dunn 2011 in a car accident suddenly died. Until today he lives in the hearts of his colleagues, such as Steve-O proves now.

For now, this took a few quiet moments to visit the grave of his deceased friend and lay down flowers there. A photo of the sad moment he shared on Facebook and taught there also a salute to Ryan. "I love and miss you, brother. Resting in peace." Even after Ryan drove drunk in death in June of 2011, Johnny Knoxville and other colleagues showed deeply wounded and the dead time defending against the negative press. All the more it is his fans are now looking forward to see that his is still thought.