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Toys for her twins: Zoe Saldana is preparing for her boys

With Zoe Saldana it is currently running more than round. Not only that, she is pleased with her round expectant twin belly, and her new movie comes out in late October in theaters. And as a taster and in preparation for her new role as mother, the actress now presented before the appropriate toys for their children.

Together with her husband Marco Perego Zoe expected soon two little boys and shows up on the red carpets currently in gorgeous maternity dresses. Your job can Zoe namely not hire back, finally the big drum must be neat for the animated film "Book of Life" will be stirred. In the Child and Family Film Zoe borrows the main character her voice. Fortunately, the production company can design appropriate candy and toys. These have now been handed over for their babies Zoe, the 36-year-old posted a photo of himself and a large "Book of Life" -Geschenkkorb. Also on the snapshot, which she posted on Instagram, Zoe sees her simple figure-hugging dress beautifully.

Her eyes, however, acts as if she did not quite know what to do with the stuff, but a few months Zoe has also had time to make friends with the unknown utensils.