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Toys for North West: Mom and Dad as doll

Toys for North West: Mom and Dad as doll

There will be detractors who claim North West serves only as an accessory of Kim Kardashian and her lover Kanye West. Because on most pictures of last week showed the little girl not just from her joyous side. With a grim expression, but top styled, it was worn by fashion show to fashion show. Just a little doll? In this regard, Khloe Kardashian now seems to want to deliver justice. Now there Noris parents in the doll format.

As a small fabric figures sitting Kanye West and Kim together. In the sexy Leopard Look, Kanye proper style in close and dark trousers with cool fur vest. No question, these two see their real models more similar. On the lap of the two is a wood panel with colorful inscription North. What exactly Khloe with this Instagram snapshot seems to be saying? One thing is certain, even if the small Nori often has to be in camera flashes, at least they can spend this time on the side of their famous parents.

Know everything about North and followed the headlines about the sweet mouse since birth ? Then this quiz should be no problem for you. Just dares you to ask!

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