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Video: How Kim Kardashian celebrated already with 13!

Especially, Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday and fits to a video now has appeared, what it shows, as today's over-it-girl was just 13 years old. And even then stood firmly for Kim: She is a superstar no matter what

Entertainment Tonight has unpacked the clip, the beginning of which she babbles in record speed in the camera: "If the right to someone I hope? you do it, because if you see me - if I'm famous and older - you can remember me as this beautiful young girl! " What follows is a rollicking game with the camera, what TV star Kim even then perfectly mastered. Beside her, no one else has a chance at attention, because she is, as she explains, "dope on a rope" and the popular class anyway.

Here you can see the funny video of teen Kim, the end up with her mom Kris Jenner and sister Kourtney omitted dancing in the crowd: