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What an honest Girlfriend! Ariana Grande Buys Halloween Costumes For Herself & massive Sean! are you able to Guess What The Couple can Be?

ariana grande buys halloween costumes for herself and big sean

Ok, we're positively trying forward to the present reveal!

On a recent trip to American state, Ariana Grande went on a serious Halloween looking spree for herself and new beau, Big Sean.

According to sources, Ariana was noticed choosing out plenty of costume choices, sort of a banana and a grape!

Ariana Grande

Before you think that Ari and her bae area unit dressing up as Fruit of the Loom, the singer additionally picked up a bunch of long, expensive, neon-colored wigs, makeup and stage blood.

Uhhh, we're confused.

While we've got completely NO plan what they are coming up with on, we're glad to bear in mind of their multitude of options!!

What does one assume the couple can go as this year?

Ariana Grande boyfriend