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Wow! Which Celeb (56) is because no matter how flexible?

Madonna! Which Celeb (56) is because no matter how flexible?

Most people need a while morning till gets your circulation going. Then, when helping a refreshing shower, around the eyes get. But what's doing Madonna after waking up in the bathroom, to feel good, display them on their latest snapshot.

Because no less than the Queen of pop now posted a morning exercise photo on Instagram. It is Madonna to see who hangs upside down in their chic bath and demonstrates an almost perfect balancing act. Why them precisely for their gym exercise sought out the bathroom himself, reveals that don't, but they prove singer, that it is still pliable like a pretzel with 56 years and comparing it with the youth not to shy away from. When their acrobatic deposit would be the most normal thing in the world, Madonna commented: "Morning stretching!"

The ambitious musician known to be much emphasis on their fitness and a youthful appearance. Therefore it is not surprising also that manages the Super stunt with links.

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