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4 rooms, kitchen, bathroom in NYC: for $ 40,000! Gisele Bundchen rented apartment

There are expensive patch of Earth in this world - and there is Manhattan! There the real estate prices exceed everything that can no longer imagine Otto ordinary consumer now. Gisele Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady are however not Otto ordinary consumer and live in New York City - until now!

As just reported Jared, has again thrown noble apartment of Gisele on the roaring housing market, and that is washed which for a price: the new tenant in the four-room apartment must shell out all $40,000. And not something every year, but in fact every month. For this, the high-priced place to stay in the best location should be at least tastefully decorated. The apartment is probably no longer enough the 34 years old supermodel, now her family is one of four heads. By the way the 34-year old for the fifth time in a row leading the Forbes list of highest paid models, she earned $47 million in the last year alone.

The utopian rental prices are therefore no problem, neither for their celebrity counterparts, which repeatedly with the purchase prices for their villas for headlines.