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Son Sergey Zverev mistakenly deported to the countryside

21-year-old boy deliberately renounced the world of glamor. Son Sergey Zverev, Sergey Zverev-Jr became a computer programmer.

Son of singer and stylist Sergey Zverev, 21-year-old Sergey Zverev-Jr., was mistakenly sent to the countryside, away from the metropolitan crowd. This conclusion is made on the basis of press photos that youth placed on a page in a social network. In pictures Sergey appears in a completely neglamurnaya environment: against unsightly wooden houses he repairs a cheap car and walks in simple clothes - no platforms outrageous outfits and hairstyles, which taught Man famous father. Do Zverev Jr. deliberately left Moscow in remote places?

It turned out it was only about the holiday that Sergey Zverev Jr. spent in the homeland of his father, in the village of Kultuk near Irkutsk. There is still living mother Zvereva, Valentine Timofeevna and the boy helped her in the summer, but then returned to Moscow. However, and to the party with a famous father Sergey longer walks. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", now Zverev Jr. works as a programmer and regularly change jobs. Labor mostly at the computer, and sometimes does not depart from him for days.