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A 53-year-old Susan Boyle appeared boyfriend

A 53-year-old Susan Boyle appeared boyfriend

Susan Boyle - as you know, a modern version of Cinderella: A simple Scottish housewife thanks to reality show Britain's Got Talent in 2009, what is called, woke up famous. However, each must have its own Cinderella Prince, and with that holders of a great voice, alas, always been a problem: Boyle did not hide from the public that never even kissed.

Compounding the problem is the fact that the singer is suffering syndrome Asperger's, which is characterized by severe difficulties in communication.

But a few years in the status of the star Susan seems to have gained self-confidence, and with it - and the attention of the opposite sex. Now fans of the 53-year-old singer happy for her because, by her own admission, she finally met her love.

Romantic acquaintance happened this year, during a concert tour in the USA Boyle. Press the elect Susan has not yet shown, but according to some details: her boyfriend - an American doctor, they met when staying in the same hotel. Now, according to Boyle, an American who was "a real gentleman," is going to visit her in Scotland.

Susan Boyle appeared boyfriend