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A difficult childhood | Karan! So Becky G suffered before their breakthrough

A difficult childhood | Karan! So Becky G suffered before their breakthrough

In the United States, the name Becky G is already no longer a secret tip - the gorgeous newcomer has able to make already a lot of people about her great talent, and there is no end in sight. But the roller coaster, which runs currently only upwards for the young musician, drove through even so many a gorge-like depth. To be more precise: the childhood and the adolescence of Becky looked rather like a gauntlet through the uncertainties of life, as a cheerful journey towards the creative performer.

"It was not always easy", so she said in conversation with Promiflash quite frankly, "I came to the music when I was nine years old. That was when I and my family have lost our House and had to two and a half - almost three - living years in the garage of my grandparents." And music was the only thing that was there for me, aside from my family." After this rather difficult start in life, it was but also not just easier for the now 17-year-old. Their bullying experiences are far reaching: "when I was in Middle School, it was really bad. Because I liked it, to dress me really crazy. I went to school in tutus and colorful tights and have always made my hair and melted me. And all the other girls said: ' you're weird. Why you dress so in school?' So. There was this huge gap between me and the other kids"

More about the less beautiful experiences that they ultimately made at what is today told a lot Becky.

G suffered before their breakthrough

Becky G