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Adele and FKA Twigs can record the soundtrack to the new "Bond"

Adele and FKA Twigs can record the soundtrack to the new_Bond

Singer Thalia Barnett, known as FKA Twigs, became famous thanks in part to the novel with Robert Pattinson, but if you believe the rumors, may soon become a real star solely because of their creativity. The media reported that the girl was asked to take part in the soundtrack for the new James Bond film. However, to play the main song, say again entrusted Adele.

Presumably, that Adele has presented Talia Sam Mendes - the director of the 24th "Bond." Source newspaper Daily Star claims:

Twigs already met with the producers and they said that Mendez really like her music, he wants it to sound in the film. If it will be so, Twigs become very popular.

Adele regarding participation in the work on the soundtrack insider says:

It remained a cult singer of songs, "James Bond" and already writes song for new film. 

Recall that song Skyfall, British singer recorded for the last tape of the franchise, and the team brought her film "007: Coordinates Skayfoll" the world's major film awards - the "Oscar" and the "Golden Globe".

Earlier there were rumors that record the title track for "Bond 24" was offered to Lana Del Rey.


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