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Application in sight? Demi Lovato wants to marry Wilmer

Application in sight? Demi Lovato wants to marry Wilmer

Long as they kept their relationship private, but earlier this year made Demi Lovato her love for Wilmer Valderrama finally publicly.

 Since then, the two show though rarely together, but if you but once caught a glimpse of the couple, it quickly becomes clear: Demi and Wilmer are happy together.

Now is rumored that the two turtledoves even want to stand before the altar!

"It's both more than serious," now told an acquaintance of the pair of Radar Online.
I have recently been hit with and she looks so happy and totally in love. In fact, she hopes he makes it this year an application! 
Surprisingly not come that in any case, Demi did so recently Wilmer a public declaration of love in which they referred to him as her soul mate.

And also her lover was already with one or the other mail will be clear that Demi does everything for him. On the occasion of her birthday a few weeks ago, he wrote:
We laugh together broken ... And while we do that, everything around us becomes better at once ... I love you more than anything!
Then missing so now only the application, and for the upcoming holidays would be perfect but ...