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Autumn shade: Naomi Watts dyed her hair red

Autumn shade Naomi Watts dyed her hair red

Change hair style for filming in a new project for the actor's usual business, and for us to discuss. So, today the editorial was Naomi Watts, or rather its beauty-metamorphoses.

Today the actress that we used to see only with blond curls, appeared in public in a very different manner-bright strands of celebrities have purchased red hue.

Change the face of Watts needed for a role in the movie "Three Generations", which also will play Elle Fanning and Susan Sarandon.

It is noteworthy that the changeover for participation in this picture not only had to Naomi recently, paparazzi photographed while working on Ribbon Fenning, which at the moment is more like a teenage boy, not a Hollywood star.

Who knows, perhaps, Sarandon, too, is preparing to surprise us with a new image. In the meantime we discuss experiment Watts. Can the actress is still the color of hair and after filming?

Naomi Watts on a walk with his son

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts Today new

Naomi Watts dyed her hair red