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Beef resolved: Kendall again Sels BFF?

The relationship between Selena Gomez and Kendall is indeed known to be a bit tense. Since then, Justin Bieber, the on-off boyfriend of Sel, met at a dinner with Kendall, the fronts have hardened.

For although Selena with her puppy love is not currently together, it must obviously also have no other. But currently, it really seems as if the female brawlers settled their differences. This at least proves a video that Cara Delevingne, a mutual friend of the two, has been on Instagram online. Forward to seeing: Cara and Selena singing Kendall wholeheartedly serenaded for his birthday. The mood: omitted. The expressions: friendly. And to top it off there is even a hug.

What is there merely because the matter? It looks as though Cara wonders and Selena and Kendall moved to a reconciliation. Now the girls are so happy again. And Justin Bieber? Well, that must now manage well without the two pretty girls.

Selena Gomez