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Blatant curves: Jennifer Lopez with 45 fit like never

Your good friend Leah Remini has already complained about her overwhelming fabulous look, now some people are likely to gefrustete still so join her.

At the sight, the Jennifer Lopez provides, one could almost turn green with envy and despair also. The singer and actress is due with her 45 years as the fitness in perfection.

The "Jenny from the Block" -Interpretin just seems neither to age, otherwise know yet any blemishes. Every inch of her body looks perfect - perfect steeled, perfectly formed, perfectly proportioned.

That it has already brought to twins, is considering its flawless silhouette hard to believe. As expected even so much as some model or athlete green with envy.

 Flat washboard stomach, round tight bum, feminine figure - three wishes at once, the Jennifer Lopez combines.