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Caesarean section: Hayden Panettiere baby is too big | The genes of Papa Vladimir

While the difference in size between Wladimir Klitschko and his beloved Hayden Panettiere so far made no problems, he does now but noticeable. About 40 centimeters separates the couple that has an impact. The common child who expect the two is, that now have definitely going to be great for a natural birth! Now their child must have come by Caesarean section.

Wladimir Klitschko and his beloved Hayden Panettiere About 40 centimeters separates

It will not take long until the petite actress who appeared last mighty pregnant, will bring their first child into the world. Almost 20 kilos so far has been increased, so doctors now allegedly advised her to a cesarean Hayden.

She has gained nearly half their body weight, 
-is said to have reported a source told British Closer.

This means that they will not have a natural birth - the baby is too big. Instead, she plans a caesarean section.

As Hayden hinted already in previous interviews that have stood for it by the immense size difference detected anyway. Vladimir contrast to the whole cause greater problems.
He feels guilty that she is pregnant with such a huge baby.