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Chance with 'tines'? | New nose: Courtney Love declared their beauty-OP

Chance with "tines"? | New nose: Courtney Love declared their beauty-OP

You can scandal noodle Courtney Love Say what you like, but an unattractive woman is not really blonde. However, they can help out has visible in terms of beauty and was very unhappy with their appearance especially at a young age. Especially her nose was Courtney an eyesore, so they unceremoniously under the knife lay down - and indeed for the career

Courtney Love

This revealed the 50-year-old now in an interview with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Although there was never a secret that at Courtney's body not everything is real, but so open the rocker has rarely spoken about their motives. "In the eighties I was an actress, but ... To be honest, I had a really big nose and these teeth would have brought me nowhere," she said, describing also the same, the only possible solution to this problem: "I had my make the nose."

And the radical step has paid off for quite Courtney. "Within six months, my world has changed completely," was the conclusion of the musician. And lack of success can not complain really!

Courtney Love