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Changed page? Kanye West is for Paparazzi

Kanye West is for photographers

If Kanye West a thing can not stand, is probably the most intrusive photographers who follow him step by step to get the best picture of him. But now the rapper has apparently beaten back by the same means.

The musicians wanted to just go with a taxi, which of course was again pursued by some photographers. But so far the car was not even, because before the wild hunt could start, the superstar tore open his door and shot with his cell phone a snapshot of one of photo hunters! However, he wanted to annoy or make ready the young man by no means, but simply found only his sweater pretty cool. That's why it gave him even a common connection snapshot of the two brothers-style.

Whether Kanye himself bought the same sweater or at least his wife Kim Kardashian has shown the image is not yet known. But it is clear that this action - just like the sweater - was pretty cool.

Kanye West is for photographers fan