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Congratulations dignity and freedom! | Anastasia Prikhodko made a patriotic tattoo

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, which is very very upset by the events taking place in Ukraine, congratulated his compatriots on the anniversary Euromaidan. In honor of this event made a patriotic tattoo artist.

Anastasia posted on his page on the social networking congratulatory post and photos of his new tattoo in the form of heart with the coat of arms of Ukraine. The actress wrote:

Congratulations to you, my dear friends and supporters, Ukrainian! Congratulations dignity and freedom! A year ago, our nation began a magnificent way struggle for eternal human values. Through blood and tears, pain and death, we turuvaly his way to freedom. Pointing to the whole world the power of the Spirit Ukrainian We proved that a nation that chose their way, no one can knock him out. Neither crime nor dogs regime or authoritarian princes. We have won!

Anastasia Prikhodko made tattoo tattoo in the form of heart with the coat of arms

Recall that in the photoblog Anastasia Prikhodko has several pictures showing her in the process of target shooting. The actress decided to learn how to shoot, but he hopes that this skill in her life is not useful.