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Courageous? Michelle Williams completely unadorned

They are usually perfectly styled and pure exude glamour. When Hollywood stars the red carpets of this world enter, there is little complaint, each hair sits there, where it belongs and each pose is well thought-out. Then getting those paparazzi snapshots such as now when Michelle Williams are all the more surprising.

The ex-girlfriend of the late actor Heath Ledger (✝28) was well caught by the photographer "topless". No lipstick or mascara: Michelle shows up completely without makeup! An admittedly unusual sight. But the 34-year-old can afford quite naturally look across the street to run. And after her previous Cabarett appearance in New York Kit Club seems Kat almost to enjoy Michelle, are normal and without Hollywood glamour to show whole once.

But also, if the natural beauty presents itself here as normal as possible, we are pleased yet again on her next perfectly styled robes appearance - a little Hollywood glamour is always allowed.