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Cry from the heart: Katy Perry complained of harassment by paparazzi

Cry from the heart: Katy Perry complained of harassment by paparazzi

Following in the footsteps of celebrities paparazzi - as you know, is not the most pleasant "side effect" of stellar life. Katy Perry knows this firsthand, and it looks like the singer patience to the limit: a few hours ago, she has published in his twitter emotional message on his relationship with photographers.

Katy Perry came to Australia as part of his world tour Prismatic World Tour and naive to believe that the weekend will be able to take a break from performances on the local beach. Not a bit of it: 30-year-old singer was surrounded by paparazzi, who welcomed the opportunity to capture the star in a bikini.

Katy Perry complained of harassment by paparazzi

That what Katy Perry wrote to representatives of the Australian media:

Australian press: you should be ashamed of their culture tabloids and paparazzi. Have your paparazzi no respect, no honor, no character. No humanity.

Today I pursued many men at the time, when I tried to calmly stroll along the beach. These people are not far behind, even though I requested to leave me alone.

Passers-by stopped and tried to help, but the paparazzi continued to shoot and laugh at me. They offered me to sign a "deal" - so I let them take a picture of me in a swimsuit, and then they left me alone.

This is disgusting and perverse behavior, this can not be tolerated, especially those who do not want to be removed. I will never make a deal with the paparazzi and will not be friends with anyone who supports such behavior. 

Photographers, Katy Perry was so angry, incidentally, also got a chance to become famous: the singer released a photo of three of them on your page with the comment, "Here are some of the persecutors." ".

Katy Perry complained of harassment by paparazzi

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