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Daddy fan! North is really into Kanye West Music

As Hip-Hop Daddy puts Kanye West understandably great importance to the musical education of his young daughter. By this he understood and Mama Kim Kardashian However, no early childhood music lessons with sound wood, but an MP3 player full of music, the North West apparently listens from morning till night.

Compared to  Kim (now a little about their family life and) revealed that music is now an important part in the lives of almost one and a half year old daughter:
Every day, when we get up from the moment, music is on . If we play when we go for a walk, running music. I have these little speakers so we can hear loud music during our walks. 
 North and even has its own playlist,
I have a whole iPod with music for them, lullabies, Pop Music, Kanye's music.
 Apparently the little leaves especially on the hits of her rapping father.

And apparently afraid not to take typical parental responsibilities, as Kim said:
There are evenings when I force Kanye to get them into bed There are nights when you're just fix and all and need a change of scenery, then. I say: 'Daddy, this is your night.'