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Diet Secret: Britney Spears puts on Lollipops!

Slim through calorie bomb? Yes, take note, that goes really! Especially with Britney Spears, this tactic seems to work wonders, because although it is apparently rather sweet than salad to keep their current Top curves, no end to the fitness is there in sight! And a treat it has especially taken with the pop star: Lollis.

"Whenever she is hungry, she sucks a power-pop - that's a lollipop, which boosts the weight loss you say, they really work and it has actually lost my appetite -. They can eat sweets and their weight reduce", as an insider told the magazine Ok !. Meanwhile, she had even made it this way again, regain their dress size from "Slave 4U" times. Pretty smart - Britney does not even Halloween or Christmas, to give in to their desires ...

You can find the quite tricky anyway?