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Disgust Scene: Lea Michele pelted with eggs!

Disgust Scene: Lea Michele pelted with eggs!

Actually, Lea Michele but Everybodys Darling. The cute actress and singer is loved by her fans and shows itself from its best side always. Today, however, it presents another food. Leah has actually someone pelted with eggs. Who would do such a thing ?!

An indication that no one here has really evil intentions, is that Lea Michele all photos has a smile on his lips and the whole thing takes with humor. In one picture it seems the raw eggs that have become entangled in her hair, to even want free time - is supposed to be healthy. And then there is also Darren Criss next to her, who has also gotten a bit of waste. So actually it is a Glee scene that was shot here in Los Angeles.

Why Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson are exactly become the targets of an egg attack, but the fans will probably learn only when broadcasting the corresponding episode.

Lea Michele pelted with eggs

photo Lea Michele pelted with eggs