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Engaged! Benedict Cumberbatch will marry Sophie

 Benedict Cumberbatch will marry Sophie

Now all the female fans must surely be very strong: Benedict Cumberbatch is said to have become engaged to girlfriend Sophie Hunter. Apparently the actor had even placed an ad in a British newspaper to proclaim the Good News and to let the whole world participate.

Accordingly, the Sherlock star in "Upcoming Weddings" by the British Times had to print the following announcement:
"Mr. and Mrs. BT Cumberbatch SI Hunter: This is the engagement between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of proclaimed Katharine Hunter from Edinburgh and Charles Hunter from London." 
A few weeks ago there was the first engagement rumors to the actor and theater director, as the pair visited Sophie's mother in Edinburg: At that time it was assumed that Benedict had brought the blessing for the marriage to Sophie from his future mother.

Yet both have the alleged engagement not been confirmed officially, but it looks Benedict and Sophie also very similar: They avoid the large public appearance, a small ad in the newspaper seems to be quite to their liking. For while the couple should know already since 2009, it only became apparent this summer for the first time together in front of the press.

Engaged! Benedict Cumberbatch will marry Sophie