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Exclusive private gig | O'zapft is! Pub Ed Sheeran sings guest at the counter

Who can fill the entire Wembley Stadium in London, which has a certain lack certainly not, namely in popularity. Ed Sheeran next summer deny this veritable mega-gig and we can probably safely assume that this will not even be the peak of his career as a solo musician. But even when it is celebrated around the world, so also the redhead has even deserve a break - and this he enjoys apparently still in that pub, in which he has always gone.

How posted the host of "Surrey Cricketers" on Twitter a photo of a totally relaxed and informal Ed, of his beer like a good regular guest just simply taps is equal to itself. But that's not the merits of this pleasant guest! Apparently Ed namely such affinity for singing, he did not even want to spare his vocal cords in the pub - and so he did for his buddy in the economy that which would presumably a dream of many girls he wore it at the counter the ballad "Thinking Out Loud "before - intimate, a cappella, gorgeous.

You want to hear Ed for his fame and hums merrily yourself? Then it does but simple: