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Facelift? Janet Jackson shows tight face

Is it just the makeup?

If you're really wondering lately about the face of a celebrity, then probably about the actress of Renée Zellweger, because this just looks completely different than it was in the days of Bridget Jones. Plug beauty OPs behind it? In her case, the answer is: Yes!

And even with the recent appearance of Janet Jackson in Dubai, the question was quickly loud: Did the singer about a facelift?

Because, and this is really hard to miss, Janet has totally changed visually. Your stylist Preston Meneses has against the US-American TV Magazine Extra but explained that this was by no means a cosmetic surgeon, but only owe entirely to himself:
"That was all alone I I'm to blame I take it all on me There! is all just makeup, make-up should eventually change people." 

Anyway see the woman who cared for as sensation, still like the Janet, you've known for years - a great change may seem to him hardly be any question.

"Honestly, it really needs no makeup. We love makeup, but she does not need it. It is one of the most beautiful women ever!" 
Said Preston even extremely flattering and the grace of the artist praising.