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Finally it's official: Big Sean & Ariana Grande are a pair

Long, long has been rumored and speculated that these two are a couple. After a sweet snapshot, which appeared recently in the network and the two smooching showed in a roller coaster, it seemed to be sealed - they really are a couple. Now confirm Ariana Grande and Big Sean, these rumors officially and share a first couple photo with their fans.

On her Instagram account Ariana recently posted a photo of himself and Big Sean, as they pose snuggled close together. A short time later shared by Big Sean on his account the same photo and called Ariana "his baby". How romantic! The fans are excited about this wonderful news and are looking forward beastly about it. "I've been waiting for ages," a user wrote under the picture and another described the two as his "dearest couple in the world". However, another member of this liaison is not quite so enthusiastic and warned Ariana detail before this relationship and even prophesied: ". It will hurt, girl"

A not entirely unfounded warning - should have Big Sean his ex-girlfriend but allegedly cheated. But Ariana is old enough to know what she was getting herself there. And the two work on the snapshot but really very familiar with each other and infinite love.