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First Interview scandal | Shocking! Mama June talks about the abuse

So far silent June Shannon to the events of the past few weeks. After it became known that she meets the rapist her oldest daughter again, a storm of indignation broke out. Only now is the well-known TV mother of Honey Boo Boo takes a stand on the allegations.

Even the journalist who interviewed June for Entertainment Tonight, her lack of understanding of the behavior and statements of the female head of the family can not hide. For June admits to have not even read the court documents for abuse case, even though they will have noticed that some time has gone on. Rather than deal with the suffering of their daughter Anna Cardwell, June will displace the events well and hush. "I told her to let bygones be bygones," said the 35-year-old.

The meeting with Mark McDaniel have taken place only in June, according to the wishes of her daughter Pumpkin. The 14-year-old mistakenly believed for years, Mark was her father. "She wanted to respond. He admitted that he is not her father. I have already told her, but she wanted to hear both sides of the story," said June, as it came to the two meetings with her ex. However, the truth seems no less painful, because the common father of Pumpkin and Jessica is therefore also a convicted sex offenders.