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For 5 years separate beds | Kourtney Kardashian admits serious crisis with Scott

For 5 years separate beds | Kourtney Kardashian admits serious crisis with Scott

After Scott Disick within had lost only his mother and then his father just a few months, the boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian no longer seems to get his life into the handle. He's trying to drown his sorrows in alcohol, and to numb his pain pills. But how much charged his personal drama the relationship with Kourtney to the mother of his two children?

In a new episode of "Kourtney and Khloe take The Hamptons" the two finally once openly talk about their relationship problems and discuss how they want to deal with this crisis. For both seems to be certain that a separation for them would not be questioned because Kourtney is currently pregnant eight months with their third joint child. But after Scott's overdose drama and its introduction into a withdrawal clinic Kourtney speaks for the first time clear words: "I want to change just everything, so that we don't fall back into old patterns. I want to change something to make it better", she explains in a long conversation with Scott. "You should find out who you really are", she advises him.

But Scott seems to be once again overwhelmed with the situation and can not understand the accusations of his girlfriend. But Kourtney tells him clearly that it needs a little space. Scott is verständnislos: "how much space you need yet? We slept in the same bed for five years!"

Around Christmas, the third baby of on the world to come. Perhaps the crisis-shaken couple made it Yes until then, to fix its problems in the handle.

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