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For 'Band Aid 30' shots | Daring: Rita Ora in sinful red strapless look

That Rita Ora loves the color red on everything she has proved on numerous occasions. Whether, on stage or in private Date, the singer is set to loud sounds and sinfully seductive looks No wonder they are also in the music studio did not want to give up their favorite color and showed up in a daring outfit in London.

There, the British allowed namely pre micro to einzusingen their part for a version of "Band Aid" -Neuauflage. In keeping with the Christmas mood of the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Rita chose her clothes like that as a female Santa Claus would smooth can go through. However, her dress was not cuddly warm but sexy and hot. To the red pantsuit Rita combined only impose a white crop top that left her belly completely uncovered and gave a clear view of her trained body center.

No wonder that the fans were at the sight snake and tore autographs singer! Also their is really into Rita and her looks?