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Full crazy and twisted? Lady Gaga is not yet

Full crazy and twisted? Lady Gaga is not yet

With her outrageous outfits makes Lady Gaga probably almost daily for attention. She dresses always so varied that you just can not get enough of her. Nevertheless, it should not be too infrequent well that the singer is called crazy because of their high-pitched, striking way.

 Then the "Applause" -Interpretin has now, however, a very obvious answer.

"I'm not crazy, I'm creative", stands on a small clutch of 28 year olds who have had them when she arrives in New York. There is an outfit that is already noticeable in some way, but compared to the recently running, silver glittery outfit sting can be described as commonplace without question. Red and white stripes on a pleated skirt and a bulky jacket neoprene combines the artist namely black lace-up boots with mega-sales.

What most likely to notice the most is the hair style of Lady Gaga, because with such a one has not seen it: Raspelkurzer Pony meets dark blond Longbob. Always something new - a fulfillment of this saying you can in the popular entertainer actually always rely on.

Lady Gaga crazy Street Style

Lady Gaga crazy style