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GZSZ return: For Felix a difficult decision

GZSZ return: For Felix a difficult decision

Just last week it was announced that - as well as his series wife Isabell Horn - Felix von Jascheroff will come back to GZSZ. The actor is about his return naturally delighted and is looking forward to see what new stories Pia and John will experience. But as he does now reveal, he found it quite difficult to choose a comeback.

"I had been pondering for a few days and nights on the question whether I should return to GZSZ," 
-says the 32-year-old in an interview with In. Of course he has discussed the matter with his close friends and not everyone was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a return:
"Some friends have advised me, others have encouraged me every day But I got requests from fans and therefore it was clear quite quickly for me. that I am my fans owe a return." 

For as Felix already revealed shortly after the proclamation of the good news that he is of the opinion that the story of Pia and John's just not ready yet told.

Felix von Jascheroff