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He was really end | Pete Doherty reveals disgust experience from jail

Pete Doherty is currently dares one last attempt to finally clean. More than ten years the singer regularly consumed heroin and Co., his drug addiction confessed long not one. Many experiences from that time has now supplanted Pete successful, but the occasional disgust experience haunts him to this day.

In The Independent Pete reveals a particularly bad:
"I remember that I once ended up in a prison cell, and it was so dirty I was with a guy huddled in a corner and we tried with a spoon heroin out of my butt to scratch. . And even then I still thought that I take drugs actually fun. It's crazy." 
Such a thing has never Pete have to experience and see now finally know what the drugs were causing him once.

Now I know only withdrawal how weak and powerless I have made the drugs. I've been thinking about my life, the loss of my friends, relationships, ways to make money, my values. Then there is the loss of the relationship with my son and my daughter, who I have not met only once. All this loss; I was so good at it, hide it all.