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How mean! Harry Styles has never loved Taylor | Standing by the question game

How mean! Harry Styles has never loved Taylor

She has a real anthem about their lost love written, however, it seems probably not long to be in terms of feelings have been so far: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles shared a relationship that unfortunately like so many Hollywood romances broke up.

But when listening to "Out Of The Woods", so to win but the impression that the current queen of pop really cared about the story with Harry. He, however, probably not so much ...

With his buddy from One Direction singer Niall Horan if the guys ever more than three days their underwear took the Briton on a "yes / no" -Spielchen part, which was opened with the not so interesting question, is not have changed. But then a really interesting situation: Were you ever in love the two, they wanted to know about men.

While Niall said yes without hesitation Harry said first "no", then something like "yes and no". Ouch! So much for the Love Story Taylor - maybe they make of it at best a song!

Check out this scene best out right now for yourself: