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In the history Basharov and Arkharova There are new details

katia archarova
Ex-boyfriend of actress katia archarova Edward Dubrovsky said new details of her family life. It turns out that Catherine was jealous of Marat Basharov a former spouse, but loved it.

"When Kate told me that she is getting married, I was surprised. For me, it was strange that she was so quickly accepted the offer of Marat. I was probably even against - wanted them to know each other better ... But Kate was in love, in her it was seen! ... I think she was jealous of Marat to his ex-wife Lisa. She constantly intervened in their lives, was near, even where Kate and Marat should be according to the rules to be alone ... It's a pity that it happened. katia archarova deserves happiness! "- Said Dubrovsky.

Recall, some time ago, the network has information that Marat Basharov beat his wife katia archarova. The girl confirmed it. Now the actress went to Jurmala, where he lives with his parents. She made the statement that after the bounce back after scandal sue Marat Basharov.

Also, the network appeared quite candid shots of katia archarova. Many believe that the appearance of the photos - the work of the former spouse Elizabeth Basharov Krutskikh.

In the history Basharov and Arkharova There are new details