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In the new clip butt muscles twitch | Beyonce butt wobbles to ' 7/11'

Whether in the trendy panties with baggy sweater or in transparent dress - the singer just makes a good figure and reveals in her new clip that hard workout pays obvious. With wit Beyonce lets in all kinds of situations circling her bottom and twitch, and you can tell by looking: This rotation, which is virtually a single tribute to its flip side, has made her a lot of fun. Omitted it bounces around in her hotel room, dancing on the balcony or in the bathroom with her girls. And who all look carefully noted: Their loved ones are involved. Once daughter Blue Ivy can be seen lying on her bed and flitting as not to end Jay-Z in casual style through the picture?

Here you can watch Beyoncé's butt clip for "7/11 View / equal to yourself: