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Intimate reminder: Kim Gloss shortly before childbirth

Intimate reminder: Kim Gloss shortly before childbirth

Robbie Williams has done it before, now pulls Kim Debkowski: the news coverage surrounding the birth of celebrity babies is currently totally in vogue. After Robbie quasi live held his fans via Twitter up to date from the delivery room about the birth of his youngest child, now Kim shares a very intimate moment with their fans.

On Facebook, the young mother invited a photo of high, showing them immediately before the birth of daughter Amelia (1) now. "At Grandma and I found my photo album. The image shortly before giving birth, I get just got goose bumps. The little Amelia brought me really almost to bursting, especially pride and happiness! Do you know this feeling? What an amazing moment... ", Kim remembers back emotionally on this unique moment.

You gladly shares the thoughts of this very special experience with Kim and also about everything up to date what is happening as in the life of the 22-year?

Kim Debkowski